McCarty and Magnolias

Being from Mississippi, there are two things, other than humidity, that are just a part of the package: McCarty's Pottery in Merigold and Magnolias.

For tablescaping, I think it is most important to include pieces that add a personal touch to your table. To me, Magnolias have been a part of my design repertoire since childhood. As a child, Christmas time was a chance to be given artistic liberty over the Christmas tree. Magnolias were always and continue to be my go-to. They hold a spot close to home, and they go well with pretty much anything. Adding McCarty with Magnolias not only adds a personal touch to the table, it also utilizes dishes that I already own.

When hosting a dinner party or just decorating around your home, there's no need to go and buy entire new stock loads of tableware and decorations. I always try to build my tablescapes based off things I already own. It is not only personal but also practical. To give depth to this tablescape, I used cotton garlands as a table runner. I also incorporated cotton throughout my toolbox centerpiece. The centerpiece was then completed with greenery and cattails. Cattails were also a way to bring a touch of home into the design. As a child, my father would always bring me cattails back from duck hunts in the woods. They carry a piece of nostalgia with them.

Your personal touches and resources may not include McCarty, Magnolias, or even cattails. Everyone has different items and sentiments used to bring their personal stories to life. As we move into the holiday season, remember that your guests are here for good company, and the best way to share a piece of yourself is through your tablescape. So now, go out and whip up a table fit for a queen that tells the story of a lifetime!