Harvest Gathering

This past Thursday, we hosted our first event at Blue Door: Harvest Gathering.

It was planned to be a night of fellowship, fun, food, and tablescaping amongst a great group of ladies. And oh my, was it that and so much more! When God shows up, our simple expectations are nothing in comparison to his incredible workings. 

We kicked off the night with a time of fellowship between strong ladies and some great food provided by Lola's Catering (owner: Annette Yancey) made from mixes and dips available at Blue Door. 

Under the glow of soft candlelight, our guests enjoyed dinner topped off with a special treat: Jennifer Shipp.

What a joy it was to listen to Jennifer share her heart for the Lord with all of us. Her message was simple, but the purpose was profound. She spoke of our role as women in this holiday season. While it can be overwhelming and easy to get distracted, we must rely on the Lord and remember the real purpose of our blessings. Something that really stuck with us all was "We are blessed, so that we may bless others". 

As Jen wrapped up her message, the tables were cleared, mulled cider was served, and the tablescaping began. 

Each guest was provided with a toolbox of all the necessary parts to construct our centerpiece of the night. Along with that, each lady was equipped with our Woodland Planter box as the perfect base for year-round centerpieces. 

For our centerpiece, we kept it simple, yet elegant. Keeping with the joys of the season, we used natural magnolia leaves as our foundation.


We wired each leaf to a pick in order for the leaves to stick into our wet oasis. This construction allows for our centerpieces to last longer through the holidays. 

In addition to the magnolia leaves, we added faux cedar sprigs as fillers.

When using the same color throughout a centerpiece, it is important to utilize different textures in each different plant. As the holiday season progresses, we encourage everyone to add fresh cedar and evergreen to their centerpieces to bring that great Winter fragrance to their homes. 

White berries were used as a pop of light. To further accent the natural element of our centerpieces, we used pinecones as depth. For some height, we brought in authentic pheasant feathers, straight from South Dakota. 

As this centerpiece is meant to be used around Thanksgiving, we added three pears for a splash of color. After Thanksgiving is complete, we suggest simply replacing the pears with a crisp red apple or pomegranate. This simple change easily transitions your centerpiece from holiday to holiday. Additionally, as the natural magnolia leaves begin to curl up over time, just add more leaves or fresh evergreen. No need to replace the leaves, as they add a new color to the arrangement as they turn a golden brown. 

As the night went on, we were truly thankful to not only see such an incredible group of women come together to create a beautiful centerpiece for their homes, but also to gather with a group of women who love the Lord. I know that as these ladies gather their families around these centerpieces next week that the Lord will bless their hearts with the joys of family and fellowship. May we all be harvesters of God's kingdom.   

"The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest." Matthew 9:37-38