Enjoying the Calm Before the Storm

As our busiest season at the shop is starting up, there is no better way to rest up and restore our spirits like a day spent in some beautiful fall weather. This past Sunday, my husband Bret and I took to the outdoors to relax and let out some stress.

Nothing better than some rifle target practice at the family farm to do the trick. Although I did try my hand at a couple shots, I left the shooting to him. While he shot through rounds all day, I spent the day on the tailgate taking in the beauty of this season.

It is incredible to see God's workmanship painted through the colors of falling leaves and intricate sunsets. The trees that lined the field were completely breathtaking this weekend. After the shooting was over, the day was capped off with the most beautiful sunset with colors of amber, coral, and gold. While the holidays are right around the corner, I encourage you all to get out and enjoy a day outdoors with your loved ones while soaking in God's handiwork. Take this time to truly see in how many ways we are thankful for the beauty in this world and our loved ones we share it with. God bless! See y'all tomorrow for the tablescape inspired from my Sunday adventure!