Crazy Over White Pumpkins

Today's table was inspired by my new obsession: white pumpkins. I used white pumpkins as my focal point and built off of them. To center the table, I filled our dough bowl full of cute, little, white pumpkins.

I added boxwood shrub clippings as a base to place our dough bowl on so that the light wood of the bowl and the white of the pumpkins would POP, despite the white table. Also, adding green elements to your table helps to incorporate a natural and fresh look.

With this table, I wanted to keep things simple and airy. The more simple the table, the more that the white pumpkins truly shine. To enhance the airy, light feeling for this table, I replaced two of the ladder back chairs with our Oatmeal Linen Ruffle Bench. This bench helps to lighten the palate.

For the place settings, I used a simple oatmeal linen napkin as a base under each plate. The plates--my favorite--are pieces from our new shipment of McCarty pottery. To accent the Mississippi Delta feel of the McCarty plates, I topped them with a simple stem of cotton.

It's all about the feel! To me, this table just gives a piece of the South with it. I can feel the crisp breeze and see the sun glistening as it sets over a field full of cotton ready for the picking. The finishing touch: farm animal place card holders with hand-written place cards. {Tip of the Week}: Whenever you can add a personal touch to your table, do it. Adding personal touches shows your guests that you have truly poured your heart and time into a beautiful table for your friends and family. 

If you have read my previous blogs, you will notice I have used these before. I like to be able to transition pieces from table to table. The more ways that you can repurpose items from past tables to new tables, the better. For more tablescapes, check out my blog home page! See ya back here next week! Happy tablescaping :)